Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Design represents a new way of thinking.

Some say responsive web design is the future of how web sites will be designed. We say the future is now and why wait, the technology is here. There is no doubt that responsive web design is the new standard and companies that adapt now will maintain a competitive advantage.

In short, responsive web design is designing websites that will be responsive to the wide variety of screen formats and device types that are out there. This includes designing websites that look and function well on mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, and wide screens.

Responsive web design makes your site much easier to use on smaller devices like tablets and smartphones.

Responsive web design is a web building technique that uses small pieces of code called media queries to detect the size of the screen that is using your website.

The media queries then interact with the HTML and CSS code on your site to resize and re-configure your web site's content to suit the device that it is being viewed on.

Responsive web design was developed to meet the growing need for users to have their sites be more functional on mobile phones and tablet computers without having to pay for full blown app's.

We will build the website using a framework that can easily be adapted to work across multiple screen sizes. With input from the client we decide what content is the most relevant and where to place it (or remove it) depending on which screen size the site is being viewed on. We then code it accordingly.

The challenge of responsive design is for graphic designers to work closely with developers and marketers to create websites that seamlessly respond to the user’s environment, based on the device, size, resolution, technical capabilities, etc. The goal is crafting responsive designs that work not only on today’s devices, but those that can be made future-proof as well.

Hello Infocom makes responsive web design an iterative process between our designers, developers, and the client. This approach produces a truly organic solution. The result for the client is an experience that does not deviate too far from the usual development process but raises the bar in a more complete and successful website solution.